I got accepted into the newspaper because of a writing piece I submitted onto the YWP website…

I was always told that life is short so make sure you live the whole thing. I never really did that until I realized how short life can really be.. Today is the most special day of winter it is the first snow I am sitting up in the clouds when all of a sudden the wind pushes and I start to slip off the side colliding with the others until I plunge into nothingness then I fall slowly drifting, floating, sailing, spinning into the abyss. I collide with another she is beautiful her six points glistening even in the dark sky. She grasps to one of my many hands and we float downward towards the barren frozen ground. Together as one. I get closer to her beautiful body and the wing gushes…

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 My Special Place 


Creek… the lift carries us up onto the platform. I step out snowboard in hand ready to step outside. The crisp air hits my face in bluffs. I feel cold even in layers and layers of gear. I watch the snow blow in swirls and my special place comes into view. I look out at the frosty mountains and barren trees far below. I love it here I feel calm  content relaxed and perfect. I take a deep breath inhaling the mountain air.I smell the evergreen snow-covered trees and the smell of snow.Home.                                                  

These moments are my favorite memories. I cherish riding down the mountain at lightning speed, jumping over moguls while dodging crazy skiers. Mount Mansfield is my special place, a home away from home. I feel amazing when I am at the mountain that everything is as it was meant to be.

I am strapping into my bindings. All of a sudden the sun disappears behind the clouds. Now the snow is falling coating everything in white clean, fresh powder. ”Yeah,” I hear my sister yell laughing. We stand up gaining speed and flying down the hill past the snow coated trees and brush. I brake and slowly glide ln to a stop. Exhausted but content because laying here my thoughts swirl reflecting on how much I love to snowboard.

This is a good place to talk about as it gets colder!!!! I did this piece as a assignment at school in language arts.